Feb 5th - 7th, 2021, Phoenix, AZ


Covid-19 Tournament Protocols

*Update 1/27 - click here*


We have over 300 teams registered from 13 different states. Many thanks to all of those clubs and coaches.

We are very sensitive to the fact that many people and communities across the U.S are still being negatively impacted by Covid-19. We understand that many teams are reluctant to make future plans given the fact that a lot of tournaments this year have been Covid-affected. We would like everyone to know that Arizona is open for soccer business and we are on the fields playing games. We will strictly observe and implement all Covid-19 rules and regulations. Furthermore, we would like to make the following promises to any team that registers for our tournaments:

1) In the event of a cancellation of DCT 2021, all tournament registration fees will be refunded.

2) If your state prevents you from traveling because of Covid-19, your registration fee will be refunded.

3) If Arizona is on your state's quarantine list, your registration fee will be refunded.

4) If your team has been significantly impacted by Covid-19 exposure prior to attending, your registration fee will be refunded.

* Tournament modifications and location changes are a possibility dependent upon local and Arizona state Covid laws.


* All refunds will be processed within 30 days.










The Desert Classic Tournament, hosted by SC del Sol, is a superbly run tournament that puts teams and players first. In 2020, it attracted 400 teams from 14 different states and Canada, making it one of the biggest and best soccer tournaments in the southwest yet again. 


Aside from our Presidents' Day Tournament, there is no other tournament in Arizona that attracts as many out of state teams. 128 of the participating teams in 2020 represented the following states and Canada: Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington.

Since 1999, this event has grown in size and stature and gone from strength to strength. The reason for this is the annual promise we make to all of our valued teams. 


The Desert Classic Promise:


1) All goals and fields are regulation size
2) There is a guaranteed 3 game minimum for all teams.

3) The length of the games is regulation based upon age group.
4) We will attempt to avoid coach conflicts in the group stages.
5) There are multiple flights in every age group ensuring that all teams are evenly matched.